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Polyacrylate leveling agent
Fluorocarbon modified polyacrylate leveling agent
Fluorine surfactant
Polyether modified silicon leveling agent
Reactive silicon additive with acrylic functional group
Substrate wetting agent
Anti-graffiti additive
Performance enhancer

JIAZHI® Easy-cleaning functional resin

Anti-graffiti and Anti-adhesive Resin for municipal engineering paint
Anti-pollution and rain-resistant resin for protective film of paint
Easy-cleaning resin for industrial paint
Anti-icing resin
Anti-graffiti resin for automotive leather and sofa leather
Anhui Xoanons Chemical Co.,Ltd.



Model number


Physical and chemical Index
Composition silicone-modified hydroxy-acrylic resin solution
Appearance slight yellow to yellow liquid
solvent butyl acetate / propylene glycol monomethyl ether acetate
viscosity of 100-1000 mPa · s (rotational viscometer method) (25 ± 0.2) ℃
solids content 50 ± 3% (140 ℃ 2h)
hydroxyl value 170 ± 5 mgKOH / g (theoretical value of solid resin)
Note: This performance only represents typical results and is not considered as a specification. It is mainly based on specific COA.

Solvent-based coatings

Main characteristics:
Increase slip; improve hydrophobicity and oleophobicity.
Good anti-marking pen wiping performance.
With lotus leaf effect.
Excellent flexibility.
Excellent hot repairability and room temperature repairability.
Water contact angle> 100 °.
Excellent weather resistance.

Storage stability Store
in a cool, dry place in the original unopened packaging for 36 months. Products beyond the storage period can be used after passing the inspection. Before the container is completely used, it must be tightly closed immediately after use.

Recommended formula
PU varnish recommended formula

Component Name Ratio%
A component Jiazhi®JZ-9540-20 76
Propylene glycol methyl ether acetate 22.75
Drier (1%) 1
XOANONS ® WE-D8920BR (leveling agent) 0.25
total 100
B component N3390 26

1. NCO% of N3390 = 19.6, produced by Germany Covestro.
2. After the A and B components are mixed, the storage period is 5-7 hours under the condition of a cover. Therefore, the mixed materials should be used as soon as possible, otherwise the materials will gel and cannot be used.
3. Recommended baking conditions
Coatings for car clothing film: After baking at 100-130 ° C for 2-3 minutes, cool and roll, and continue to mature at 60-80 ° C. The higher the temperature, the longer the time and the better the effect.

Note: The quality of stain resistance and chemical resistance depends on whether the coating is fully cross-linked; it is effective to put the surface-treated film into the curing box for curing. The maturation time needs at least 24 hours, if it can reach more than 48 hours, the effect is better. Other industrial coatings: 1 hour at 80 ℃ or 5 minutes at 150 ℃, easy to clean.

25KG / 180KG


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